return to larbert house

So this week I decided to take a jog up to the site of larbert house. the place is now under construction complete with a sales office for the new houses including the flats at larbert house.

ive been messaging the gentleman that mwt me at my degree show, the owner of strathyre properties to see if I can visit the site under supervision. its always been a dream of mine to be insode the house and now its all hollowed out it would be amazing for me to see all the features insode so clearly.

unfortunately ive not had much luck and keep getting my visit put back, sceptical that I will ever be able to go up there so I went a walk up myself, just to look through the gates.




in the last photo you can see the area where the iconic conservatory used to sit. I may just be nostalgic but I felt a tug at my heart when I looked over to see no remains of it whatso ever. I dont know if there are any plans to do anything similar. if I do get the chance to visit inside I will be asking.

on reflection I feel really proud of the work I done here, even though I risked my own safety it was all worth it for the document I now have of a period in time. I will be looking into whether theres scope for my pieces to be in an exhibition locally. Id love for people to interact with the work even for just a bit of nostalgia.

that place is never gonna be the same again.


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