Preservation of Larbert House

This is my final exhibition pieces for BA Art and Design. The table has been left out with my sketchbooks, research folder, photographs and other odds and ends that the public can interact with. I’ve used the same labels throughout to give it a sort of museum feel, lie you are looking through an exhibit or archaelogical dig.

The aim of this piece was to explore an abandoned space (Larbert House)  to find out why it has been left in such a state and to see if nature has taken over so much that is unrecogniseable. Turns out that after digging and exploring, pieces of the building’s history still remain, like the Terazzo Floor that I uncovered or the beautiful panes of glass from the Victorian Conservatory that lay amongst the rubble and plant life. These discoveries helped me look at the building in a different light, what it could have been like if it had been looked after properly.

By creating the beautiful back lit images, the beauty of the building comes back to life. The images are layered using photographs taken from the chaos of the inside of the building mixed with the beauty of my discoveries. The first image is layered with the image of Strathyre properties signage for the estate. I felt like this is an image that could not be missed as it is part of the Houses future although it is not clear how and when the building is going to be used.

The plaster casts on the right hand side of the backlit images are taken from mouldings of the panes of glass I found on site. All 3 show a different degree of plantlife growing over the top. I wanted these to show the deteroration of the building over time and emphasise my surprise at finding the glass in the first place.

The project for me is important because the history of Larbert House and the old RSNH grounds are embedded in local’s memories. The process of regeneration is happening but noone is sure if this piece of land will ever be the same. For most people I have talked to over the course of the project, the House and it’s grounds are a place to escape whether it’s to walk the dog or run or take the kids. It is also a place I go to for peace and will always be important to me.

Here are the photos of the exhibition set up


IMG_0492 IMG_0501 IMG_0518 IMG_0515 IMG_0500 IMG_0497 IMG_0496


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